Everything around us is engulfed with beauty even if we're not aware of it. Throughout our lives we have numerous moments that are filled with such; sadly our mind tends to forget them with the flow of time.  It is these instances that have given photography such a profound meaning. The art of capturing these memorable times is what I have learned to greatly appreciate. The ability to stop motion in order to reflect upon is really what helps us gain a better perspective of our images. It makes us realize what we had, have, and what we'll continue to be a part of in the future.

My name is Kunal A. Patel and I've always had a passion for taking "good" pictures. With practice and much dedication I've learned to interact with my surroundings in a whole new way. Each shot I compose now introduces various aspects of imagery. The manner I speculate objects has evolved to its fullest. I expect nothing less than to deliver at my maximum potential. Let my past experience put you at ease. Let my confidence enhance your photos. Let me Kaptivate you!